Who is Nathan Victor?

I am a web designer in Kansas City. I specialize in web standards, implemented through CSS and XHTML. I just completed my degree in interactive design and entrepreneurship. This line of study has enabled me to discover new ways to implement creative web designs that are personalized, interesting, consistent, and incredibly user friendly.

I have always enjoyed tearing stuff apart and building new things. Creating a dynamic web presence works much the same way. It's my job to get into a brand and work from there to create innovative designs that establish a strong brand identity. If you need a super site or want to improve your current one, be sure to check out what I have done and contact me.

What Else?

Listening to music, reading books, surfing (the web), watching movies, bicycling, and playing volleyball are some of my favorite pastimes. I share life with my wonderful wife, Trina. We chase after our dogs, Lily and Daisy, and leave out food for the cats, Taddy and J.B. Sometimes, they'll let us pet them.

Latest Work

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